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At what age can a kitten move to a new home?

Kittens can be transferred to a new owner at least 16 weeks old. This is due to the duration of the full course of vaccination.

At what age can a kitten be reserved?

We offer kittens for reservation when they reach the age of 6-7 weeks.

What are conditions for buying a kitten?

We sell kittens mainly as pets. We can sell a kitten with the right of breeding only to a registered kennel with a proven reputation. Terms of purchase cattery governed by the contract.

How to reserve a kitten?

After coming to agreement  and signing the contract, you can reserve a kitten by paying an advance payment, the amount and conditions of which are returned by the contract. After making an advance payment the kitten is reserved for you.

I live in another city/country. How can I buy a kitten?

In this case, before signing the contract, we must also discuss the terms of delivery. There are three options for the delivery of a kitten:
1) You take the kitten directly in our cattery yourself;
2) A kitten will be delivered by your representative or special courier;
3) We will bring you a kitten ourselves.
All delivery options are at your expense. We do not send kittens to the transport company.

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