Character traits of the Devon Rex


Devon Rex cats make up games and find toys for themselves. Devon Rex cats are very intelligent, which makes them on par with dogs active and affectionate companions of people. Devons are quick-witted and creative. They make up games and find toys for themselves. Anything that can be lifted or moved can become a Devon Rex toy. These cats are people oriented and strongly attached to their owners. Therefore, possession of the Devon Rex has be considered a lifetime commitment. They give you love and attention and expect reciprocity from you. If you are not sure that you can devote enough time to your Devon Rex pet, you have two ways: first is to buy two Devon kittens and then they will play together and free you more time, second is to think about another more independent cat breed.

Because of their attachment to man and mental abilities, Devon Rex are often compared with dogs. They write that the Devons are amenable to training. I’m not sure about the execution of commands (as dogs do), but quite definitely, according to my own observations, they quickly learn to respond correctly to certain phrases and intonations, starting to understand what you want from them and gladly please you.


Devon Rex cats make up games and find toys for themselves. Devon Rex are cats with letter A-activity. It does not mean that they will be unbearable fidgets. Devons are perfectly capable of sitting on your lap or pillows for hours on end, especially if it’s warm in this place. But with even more eagerness, they will look for something to play with and get your attention with their funny antics. Some Devons, especially at a young age, are thieves and they like to steal everything that interests them, everything that scattered around the house or do your plate, if you digress for even a second. For example, our Devon Rex cat Pavlik hunts for sweets, packs of pills, everything that he is physically able to carry off. He waits when you get distracted and drags right from under your nose. Keep in mind that with such cats you need to be careful to prevent them from eating anything that can harm.

Devon Rex can be demanding, as it is important to your attention. He will follow you everywhere, often sitting on your shoulders, he will attract your attention when you pass by.

Devons are pretty strong and demanded They can easily take the height of the fireplace and other high furniture in your home. Yes, they are prone to pranks, but they can not be caught in the ill will or aggressiveness. Devons get along well with both man and other animals.

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